About us

VTO sees the coming together of two parties of proven creative design and significant manufacturing experience. Joining forces has created an exciting new range of integrated catering products that challenge established design and procurement practices.

A shared passion for design and efficiency underpins the adoption of new composite materials, enhanced techniques and simplified means of production so that products arrive in perfect condition irrespective of volume or global destination.

VTO directors and staff are driven to provide the products that perfectly suit your demands. Whatever the technical, financial or geographic challenge, we have a ready-to-trade trade solution for your business.

Green credentials

At VTO, we take care to ensure our processes are environmentally aware, seeking advice from environmental specialists in relation to all key steps in the manufacturing process from design to delivery. 90% of VTO components are recyclable at end-of-life and our aim through research into alternative materials is to achieve 100% over time.

VTO stations, which are built from hardwearing materials and cast from moulds to ensure constant build quality, are exceptionally durable and long lasting. They are suited to both interior and exterior use and make the most of even modest available space.

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