• v1 condiment station

    Condiment Station

    Fast and effective customer flow to increase sales and improve service.

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  • v3 remote trading station

    Remote Trading

    Attract new revenue in remote locations and ease over-worked catering services.

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  • v7 compact trading station

    Compact Trading

    Food preparation and display in restricted spaces.

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  • v5 linear service station

    Linear Service

    Mobile food service station with standard catering elements provided.

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  • v7 two-part station

    Two-Part Station

    Food preparation and display with after-trade security of product and services.

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  • v9 three-part station

    Three-Part Station

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  • v11-fc food court

    Food Court

    360° food-court formation offering multiple work stations and retail opportunities.

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  • services station

    Services Station

    Food and beverage preparation with integrated services, menu and branding.

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  • beverage wall

    Beverage Wall

    Combine self-service with food preparation facilities to create your own café.

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  • marketing wall

    Marketing Wall

    Promote your business 24/7 in high-foot fall environments.

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  • retail wall

    Retail Wall

    Encourage additional sales and attract custom that may not be otherwise available.

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  • menu-board

    Menu Board

    Promote awareness of your presence and offers with a mobile menu board.

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